EU Cookies Law

To comply with the new EU law on website cookies (e-Privacy Directive) all websites now need to have a notice visible to all visitors explaining that they uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that download to your computer when you visit a website. These files help the website work how it was designed to do.
They contain anonymous information which helps the website remember you and your preferences (for example, what you have added to your shopping cart). These files are, on the most part, harmless to the user. However, if you aren’t happy about the storing of anonymous information you can delete these files through your browser settings.

Our website uses simple cookies to remember visitors and anonymously track how many visits we have had on our pages (via Google Analytics). They aren’t necessary to the running of the website, but it does help it run smoother.

If you would like more information on cookies or how to restrict or remove them please see our Cookies Policy page.


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