Adi X blue

Adidas were releasing a new football boot called ‘X’. This was a complete new design and they needed a few beauty shots taking. They required specific angles to match some mock up images they had taken.

Harlequins and Munster Flying Shirts

Harlequins and Munster had new season shirts and needed some creative photos taking of them. The brief was for the shirts to be hanging but with the effect of moving in a breeze. This was subsequently referred to as ‘flying’ shirts.


We were given a few more SBS electronic products to shoot for their website. This time it was audio products (headphones and speakers). They were just cutouts on white, but we added a slight reflection underneath to make the products seem more upmarket.

Superstar City

Adidas released some special edition Superstar trainers called Superstar City. Each shoe in range was themed and coloured to represent a major European city – London, Berlin, Paris Amsterdam. We had to shoot beauty shots of each shoe on white, cutout, and then they needed some with specific illustrated coloured backgrounds.    

Adidas ZX Flux navy

We were sent a pair of navy blue Adidas ZX Flux trainers, similar to the blue one we shot last month. They needed it shooting in the same angle as the blue one, and also needed some texture extreme close ups. We shot the trainer using the Pentax and used the focus stacking technique to make sure it was highly detailed.

Argos Footballs

We were sent some Footballs by Adidas to shoot for the latest Argos website and catalogue. They just needed evenly lit cutout shots with minimal reflection.

Adidas NEO

We were handed a large selection of various Adidas NEO footwear that needed to be shot in a selection of ‘beauty’ angles. The brief was for them to be sat on a plain urban flooring/ texture. We decided on a concrete texture and a metal diamond texture flooring. Each pair was shot in a variety of different positioning with plenty of area left around the product so it could be cropped to different dimensions. We also provided close up detail shots of each pair. These were then used on social media.

Adidas Tubular navy

We were given a pair of navy blue Adidas Tubular trainers to shoot. There had been a previous campaign where a variety of trainers were shot from above on a wooden surface, some of which had had billboard style posters torn off it, revealing the wood below. We were required to shoot the trainers to match each angle of the previous shot so it could be retouched to match.

Blacks Adidas Terrex

Adidas made a specific rugged Terrex trainer with a ‘boost’ sole and needed an advert to place in Blacks outdoor shops. The design was for a digital ‘wire frame’ style backdrop of a mountain and scenery. The trainer was moving through the environment away from the camera. The main colour in the shot was yellow, so we shot the trainer at the correct angle and gave the sole a yellow glow to give the impression of reflectance.

Adidas ZX Flux blue

Adidas needed a ZX Flux trainer shooting at very high resolution for a window display. We had just purchased a new high quality camera system, a Pentax 645Z, so this was the perfect job to test it out on. The image of the shoe was going to be printed very large scale, so needed as much detail as possible capturing. We used a 120mm lens and used a focus stacking technique to capture every minute detail on the product and then used software to evaluate and stack the images into one image. This meant not only was the file size massive, …