Bob Ajisafe – Boxer

We were approached by an agency who were sponsoring boxer Bob Ajisafe in a local fight. They needed some promotional images of Bob wearing his sponsored clothing. We shot the images in our studio with a black background and some harsh lighting to give the still an edgy feel. The images included preparation poses and aggressive fight poses.

GoTri promotion

We were handed a brief from GoTri, a company who encourage people to compete in a Triathlon in their local area. They set up events around the country for average people to experience what it might be like to swim, cycle and run in a triathlon event. They needed some promotional images of people getting involved in each aspect. They wanted the models to be average, every day people, not athletes. We booked a slot at our local swimming pool and shot a variety of images of models swimming and we shot running and cycling shots in our local park with …

Northern Ireland kit

We were given the task of shooting some Northern Ireland football kit to match previous shots. A shoot had taken place with a selection of Ireland players performing action poses in their green home kit. Adidas wanted the same shots in the blue away kit. They couldn’t get the original players together for another shoot so to get around this we shot the blue kit on a stand in model in the same poses. This was then retouched onto the original player images. We also shot close ups for the advert.

Foot Locker A-Line

We carried out a shoot for Adidas A-Line and Foot Locker Europe (FLE). This was for social media and some print. It involved a male model in an urban but plain and neutral coloured setting. We scouted a location in the centre of Leeds, but a last minute change meant we couldn’t use that particular spot. We moved the shoot to our studio as it’s situated in an old mill building so there are plenty of weathered, urban features around. The shoot turned out really well and we got some great shots.

Adidas Munster retouch

Adidas had an image of a Munster Rugby player running on grass in a bright green and black kit, but needed the kit to be changed to a red and white away kit. We had to photograph the kit on a stand in and it had to be retouched on to the original image. This involved sourcing a model who had a similar build to the player, lighting the shots to match the same conditions as in the image and also matching the positioning so it would make it easier for our retoucher to merge the images. Each item was …

Leeds and Partners shoot

Leeds and Partners asked us to shoot some photos around Leeds for a promotional advert they were producing. They needed shots of a range of recognisable locations around the city centre and some model shots of a couple enjoying a day in the city. We shot the models around the Town Hall, City Square and Trinity shopping centre using natural sunlight and reflectors.

Daxon competition winners

We were contacted by Daxon clothing company who had recently run a competition for customers to win a personalised photoshoot. The 4 winners came to the studio and had a makeover by our makeup artist and were styled in Daxon clothing for the shoot. They then had a range of images taken and were given a disc of images along with a main image that was printed out.

Agency Website Portraits

An agency we work closely with are redesigning their website and wanted to portraits shooting of all their staff. They wanted to shots to be friendly, modern, fun and creative, not just standard boring head and shoulders shots, but didn’t want them to be similar to any other rival agency’s images. We came up with shooting stylised ‘selfies’ (self portraits at arms length). These were lit, styled and shot by us, but made to look like they’d been ‘self-shot’ by the staff members. We shot at a very high f-stop to make the subjects eyes sharp in focus, but very …

British Weightlifting shoot

The British Weightlifting Federation approached us this month for a photoshoot. They support a team of successful British athletes, some of which have competed in the Olympics and have a range of records and achievements. They required some new imagery to advertise the sport and their funding opportunities on their website, billboards and other media.They wanted something slightly different to their usual imagery which is all press shots taken at competitions and shows the athletes straining with weights in a competition atmosphere. The advertisement needed to portray the fact that all their athletes are just normal people and that anyone …

La Redoute 18th Birthday shoot

La Redoute contacted us with an interesting shoot. It was the company’s 18th birthday (of being in the UK) so they were doing some promotions, discounts and offers on that theme. They worked with the agency to create a theme and style. The theme chosen was vintage, french, tea party, shabby chic. We were really excited about shooting this and contacted our stylist/ set stylist to help us with it. She had created scenes for shoots like this before so had all the props to hand. A week of planning, organising, collecting props and painting sets and we were all …