ECB apparel

We were given a box of new ECB (England Cricket Board) apparel to shoot on invisible mannequins. These were the brand new kit which hadn’t been launched yet so had to be kept secret. We shot front and back mannequin shots and some caps.

ECB Cricket Apparel

We were sent some ECB (English Cricket Board) apparel to shoot. They needed invisible mannequins, flat down shots and close ups.

JLP cutouts

We were handed a box of JLP (John Lewis Photography) items top shoot for the John Lewis website. They were all mainly invisible mannequin shots of Adidas sports clothing, along with a few bags/ backpacks

Adi Federation teaser

Adidas wanted some teaser shots of their latest British ‘Federation’ rugby kits. They needed to show the colours and the badges but have some blur and some shadow to just show a hint at the design. We shot invisible mannequins with selective lighting and gave them and option on grey with a vignetted background and on black.

Supernova Mannequins

We were sent some of the new Adidas Supernova products and were asked to shoot some invisible mannequins, but to include some close ups. This isn’t usually required but it made it a little more interesting playing with angles and lighting.

Biteback clothing

We were sent some clothing from a new clothing company to photography for their website. Biteback Sports make sportswear that repels biting insects to help fight distractions, irritation and the transfer of diseases like malaria. They just needed some invisible mannequin shots for their online shop. They needed to be cutout and on a graduated black background.  

John Lewis JLP – Adidas

We received a large batch of Adidas products to photograph for the John Lewis (JLP) website. There were around 80 items of sports clothing, footwear and bags, most of which needed shooting front and back on an invisible mannequin.

La Redoute – April

We received another batch of Summer clothes from La Redoute. More invisible mannequin clothing shots, steamed, styled, shot and retouched for the La Redoute website.

La Redoute cutouts

In March we were sent the Summer batch of clothing for La Redoute. Around 20 items of clothing that needed shooting as ‘invisible mannequins’. They are steamed, styled, shot and retouched to give the hollow effect.