Adidas Rugby 360s

Following the success of our last 360 degree animated web package, Adidas wanted another making, this time with some Rugby boots. 4 styles of boot were sent to us – FF80, Kakari, Predator and RS7. The rig was set up and we shot each boot at a 45 degree angle. To keep the animation smooth we shot 72 images of the boot rotating. We also had to shoot some beauty shots of each boot too, focussing on certain details on the footwear.

Adidas 360 Boot Selector

We had a brief come in from Adidas for something slightly different to the norm. They had designed a minisite package to send to companies so they could add it straight into their websites. The package was referred to as the 360 Boot Selector. It consisted of 4 sections that opened up to show a choice of 4 rendered rugby boots that could be rotated 360 degrees with the mouse. They wanted to replace the fake looking render with some detailed photography. We built a 360 rig and calculated 70 shots per 360 to keep the rotation smooth. We shot the boots on black …