Christmas Tree Catalogue

November is when we shoot the annual ‘Tree Catalogue’. We work on location with a team of stylists to prop and style the Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and more making them look their best on screen. They are shot on white and edited to make sure the background is 0% ready for organising in the catalogue.

Adidas All Blacks event

In November we were asked to shoot an All Blacks event for Adidas. This wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill reportage job, it was a lot more complicated. The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, were playing in Ireland and 4 members of the squad were booked to come to a sports store in Dublin for the shoot. The concept was quite specific – to photograph members of the public in a huddle with 3 of the players. The camera angle had to be from below and wanted a black background and stadium style lighting. The photograph then had to be processed, printed out, put …

Adidas Pure Boost – cracked concrete

We were given an interesting job by Adidas to shoot a few pairs of their new Pure Boost footwear. The creative was to have broken concrete with powder paint exploding out from the centre. The paint would reflect the single, bright colour on each shoe (green, blue, red, pink and white). Concrete slabs were sourced that had the correct texture and were then carefully cracked into pleasing patterns with the centre of the crack being in the middle of the slab. The footwear was then shot from overhead on the slabs in various positions. Once that part had been completed, …

Adidas Rugby 360s

Following the success of our last 360 degree animated web package, Adidas wanted another making, this time with some Rugby boots. 4 styles of boot were sent to us – FF80, Kakari, Predator and RS7. The rig was set up and we shot each boot at a 45 degree angle. To keep the animation smooth we shot 72 images of the boot rotating. We also had to shoot some beauty shots of each boot too, focussing on certain details on the footwear.

Prem Themes

This year our client wanted to create an extra magazine for their customers. They wanted to highlight certain ranges of products, ‘Themes’, that go together based on colour or style. This would be given to their customers so they could arrange their purchases better. It would have colour swatches and recommendations. They were going to use existing images of the products on white but wanted some close up and in-situ images of the themes laid out in sets. We visited their showroom and spent the day shooting a variety of different styles.

Pure Boost running

Adidas needed a few beauty shots of their new Boost range of footwear. There were 5 colourways and each pair had to be shot in exactly the same position – a running position. They needed to be suspended at angles and had to be be lit to pick out detail. They were then cutout and placed on a black spotlit background.

Footlocker ‘Stand Out’

Adidas released a range of camouflaged footwear exclusive to Footlocker. The needed some shots of these on location and as cutouts. The creative behind the campaign was to show the footwear on backgrounds that had similar colours to the shoes to hint at the camouflage design, but to make sure they still stood out. We sourced a variety of locations that were suitable and, working with the art director, shot a range of images for each colour way. This campaign was used extensively on Footlocker’s social media pages and received a lot of attention.

Adi Federation teaser

Adidas wanted some teaser shots of their latest British ‘Federation’ rugby kits. They needed to show the colours and the badges but have some blur and some shadow to just show a hint at the design. We shot invisible mannequins with selective lighting and gave them and option on grey with a vignetted background and on black.

L&P Magical Leeds advert

Leeds and Partners commissioned an advert to promote the city. The campaign was called ‘Magical Leeds’ and was to be shown in national newspapers, magazines and on billboards and hoardings around the city. They wanted a warm wooden background with Christmas themed props hanging on it. A range of props were sourced, we build a small set and lit it to recreate the dark, warm, cosy atmosphere they were after. Each item was styled and shot on the wall and the advert was put together by the creative team.

ZX Flux black metal

Footlocker wanted some shots of some exclusive Adidas Originals footwear. It had to be on a black background with textured ‘cross pattern’ flooring to reflect the cross hatching effect on the footwear. We sourced a sheet of the textured metal floor and used overhead spotlight to make the footwear stand out. The shots were used extensively on Footlocker EU’s Twitter and Instagram pages.