TWT shoot

Every year we work on the TWT (TransWorld Trophies) catalogue. It’s a 250 page brochure which is printed twice, once for trade and then for the public. We photograph, retouch, cutout, proof, colour balance and deliver final PDFs to the printers. The products range from mirror reflective metal to clear and jade glass with around 800 shots this year. The photography is done and we’re currently working on the images to get them retouched and a path applied. The deadline for the final PDFs is around October.

Magical Leeds advert

Leeds and Partners commissioned an advert to promote the city. It was to be called Magical Leeds and was to be shown in national newspapers and magazines. They needed a warm wooden background with Christmas themed props hanging on it. A range of props were sourced and the advert went out in a number of newspapers.

Agora Restaurant shoot

An agency we work for has close ties to a local restaurant, The Agora in Leeds, and wanted to give them a much needed refurbishment to help boost business. They asked us to contribute some photography for their website, so we spent a day at the restaurant styling, photographing (and tasting!) a range of their dishes. We don’t specialise in food photography, but the client and the agency were very happy with the results. The updated website has just gone live so check it out:

Leeds and Partners shoot

Leeds and Partners asked us to shoot some photos around Leeds for a promotional advert they were producing. They needed shots of a range of recognisable locations around the city centre and some model shots of a couple enjoying a day in the city. We shot the models around the Town Hall, City Square and Trinity shopping centre using natural sunlight and reflectors.

Biteback clothing

We were sent some clothing from a new clothing company to photography for their website. Biteback Sports make sportswear that repels biting insects to help fight distractions, irritation and the transfer of diseases like malaria. They just needed some invisible mannequin shots for their online shop. They needed to be cutout and on a graduated black background.  

Adidas Neo shoot

Adidas had released some new Neo footwear and wanted some photography of them singularly and in groups on white wood. We sourced some reclaimed wood and treated it with white paint giving it a weathered finish.

Adidas 360 Boot Selector

We had a brief come in from Adidas for something slightly different to the norm. They had designed a minisite package to send to companies so they could add it straight into their websites. The package was referred to as the 360 Boot Selector. It consisted of 4 sections that opened up to show a choice of 4 rendered rugby boots that could be rotated 360 degrees with the mouse. They wanted to replace the fake looking render with some detailed photography. We built a 360 rig and calculated 70 shots per 360 to keep the rotation smooth. We shot the boots on black …

Premier Summer Catalogue

In June we shot the annual Premier Summer catalogue. This is a 150 page brochure we work on every year. The job consists of working on location in their purpose built studio shooting the latest products the company has in stock for the coming year and matching the new shots to images from the previous year. Last year we changed the way the catalogue was shot using a shiny white surface. This was to create a crisp, modern reflection that made the products stand out on the page and made it easier for the artworkers to put a page together without …

Print flatdown

A local print company asked us to photograph some of their most recent items of work for their website. They just wanted some flat down shots on white with a shadow so they could crop into it however they wanted.

John Lewis JLP – Adidas

We received a large batch of Adidas products to photograph for the John Lewis (JLP) website. There were around 80 items of sports clothing, footwear and bags, most of which needed shooting front and back on an invisible mannequin.